Chinese Facial Massage

Our Chinese Facial Massage combine delxue facial with Chinese Acupressure massage together to offer you a great facial experience. The treatment begins by removing all the makeup from face, and follow by  double cleaning and Chinese acupressure massage which targeting specific pressure points on the face. This not only relaxes the facial muscles but stimulates the lymph drainage system, thereby removing excess fluid and waste products. The therpaist will massage your neck, shoulders and head while you enjoy the hydrated mask.

What’s the benefits of Chinese facial massage?

Reduces wrinkles and softens lines; Improves skin condition and visibly rejuvenating the face; Tones and tightens sagging and puffy skin; Help to relieve tension headache, eyestrain and nasal congestion; alleviation of stress, anxiety and mild depression and refreshing sleep pattern.


What products do you use for the facial massage treatment?

The products we used for our facial treatment is Sukin, which is Australian owned organic skincare and also No. 1 natural skincare brand in Australian Pharmacies. You also can upgrade your products to Medik8 if you prefer to receive specific results from the treatment.

Do you do the extraction during the facial massage treatment?

Normally we don’t do extraction during the treatment. If you have pimple or blackhead problems please consult with our friendly beautician first and they will check if the extraction is suitable for you. In addtion, our Herbalist also can help you to solve the skin problems.

Does Chinese facial massage help stagging or wrinkles?

Of course it does. If you would like to have visible and long lasting results please consult with our Acupuncturist regarding the Cosmetic Acupuncture.