Normal Massage

Neck, Shoulders and Back — 30mins                                $40

Neck, Shoulders, Back and Legs — 45mins                      $55

Neck, Shoulders, Back and Head — 50mins                    $60

Full Body — 60mins                                                              $70

Reflexology — 30mins                                                           $40

Reflexology — 40mins                                                           $45

Reflexology — 30mins                                                           $65

Chinese Facial Massage — 60mins                                      $85

Hot Stone Massage — 60mins                                              $85


The following treatments are available for private health fund rebate. Booking essentials.

Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage — 30mins                                              $55

Remedial Massage — 60mins                                              $85

Remedial Massage — 90mins                                              $130



Initial Consultation and Treatment                                 $85

Standard Consultation and Treatment                          $65

Additional treatments

Cupping /Scraping /Tui Na /Ear Needling                     $30/ea


Chinese Herbal Medicine 

Initial Chinese Medicine Consultation                            $40

Standard Chinese Medicine Consultation                     $20

Chinese Herbal Medicine                                                      From $30/week

Herbs are charged separately, should they be required. Our Chinese herbal includes granulated power or patent herbal pills.

* Price may vary depending on individual clinic

Price may change without prior notice