Plantar Faciitis

What is plantar fascia?

Plantar fascia is a ligament band running from your heel to the ball of your foot. This band raises the arch of your foot as it pushes off the ground.

If your foot moves incorrectly, the plantar fascia may become strained. The fascia may swell and its tiny fibers may begin to fray, causing plantar fasciitis.


The bottom of your foot may hurt when you stand, especially first step in the morning.

Pain usually occurs on the inside of the foot, near the spot where your heel and arch meet. Pain may lessen after a few steps, but it comes back after rest or with prolonged movement

The pain spreads along the bottom of the foot towards the toes.

You may have pain after being stationary for a while, late in the day, while doing certain kind of activity or when you get out of the bed in the morning.


  1. Physical injury to the foot, arch or heel.
  2. Excessive walking, standing or exercise.
  3. Obesity.
  4. Poor fitting, hard-soled uncomfortable shoes.
  5. Abnormal calcium deposits


  1. Rest / Stretching
  2. Night splints
  3. Anti-inflammatory medication
  4. Massage therapy and Acupuncture
  5. Injection of corticosteriod